Zucchini Zaniness?

… or courgettes. I use the words interchangeably…. but it does cause some confusion with some! 

Every year I plant far too many zucchinis, and end up with gazillions, and some really big fat mammas that look like they are gonna get up and walk or maybe have themselves a bit of a garden party.

My Mum used to make a zucchini pizza, which I’ve adapted. I forget about it every year, but just love it – the recipe is below.

I also found out you can JUICE the buggers. I dont know why this didnt occur to me before. I kinda thought it would be gross, but you cant really taste it when you mix it with apple or beetroot or other fruits. Last week it was apple cucumber (they are too seedy for a salad this year), kiwi fruit, zucchini and lemon. Yum!

The other nice thing to do with the huge marrows is to slice into 1 cm slices, and fry in olive oil one one side until kinda soft. Then, top with a herb pesto, some extra parmesan and some smoked paprika.  Yum.


Zucchini Pizza

1 quantity of pizza dough to feed four, or two large pita breads

4 – 6 medium zucchinis

White wine (a splash)


Capers, champignons, olives or some other preserved, salty ingredient for a bit of bite (anchovies?)

Two large handfuls of cheese (parmesan, cheddar, goats – you choose!)

Tinned tomatoes, tomato paste or pesto

Slice the zucchinis and fry in olive oil and a splash of wine and pinch of salt until brown. If they release a lot of juice, drain off and refry.

Spread the pizza topping with sauce of your choice, then arrange the zucchinis on top, then olives or other ingredients if you like. Shred some fresh basil and place on top. A light sprinkling of parmesan and tasty cheese, then in oven @ 200 C for 20 minutes. Serve with salad.


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