Garlic harvest!

So, here is our second garlic harvest. We scored the purple garlic from the Newtown Farmers Market, and planted out about 50 last year. This year we planted a lot more, and hope to do three times that next year. We did two patches – one had better heads than the other, and this was clearly because it had more compost and manure in it than the other one, so I’m going to really fertilise the new patch so it’s ready to go for Easter. 

Fresh, organic and pungent!

If you want to read more about Australian garlic versus Chinese garlic, read this post at Lambs and Honey

Now my only problem is making excuses why we can’t share it with everyone – we need enough to last til next November when we pull the next lot, and need enough to plant as well next year. Sorry everyone! image



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Amanda says:

    Lovely looking garlic – I’m a bit jealous.


    1. kylbeebee says:

      I’ve always been jealous of other’s harvest Amanda, so am feeling pretty happy right now! I’m so excited about the next crop now! Of course, I’ll have to wait a year….!


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