A Grand Design : For Chickens!


Here’s our chicken tractor being built. Its ugly, but I vowed to make it out of stuff we had lying around at all costs.

It will have another 3 triangles that will clip or bolt to this coop, so they will have a nice big run. Should be easy enough for the 3 of us to move and I’m going to put in down in the orchard so the fruit trees can benefit from them.

Unfortunately we have no chickens as they all got eaten by foxes… or a fox. There’s only one girl left and she’s a bit lonely… we have her close to us when we can and shes always crouching down to be picked up. We are on the look out for more soon so are getting their new gaff sorted. Hopefully it will be more fox proof!

The Last Isa Brown Standing

If anyone knows anyone with chooks  close to us I’d love to hear from you.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. john says:

    well done. Jamie put wheels or a sledge for easy movements i have seen huge stables where tractors pull then to other sites . well done .john


    1. kylbeebee says:

      No wheels…. we use a furniture trolley and brute strength!!! Cheers! Xxx


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