The Problem with Excess

Excess on occasion is exhilarating. It prevents moderation from acquiring the deadening effect of a habit.
W. Somerset Maugham

I like this quote. Perhaps this is why I over indulge – more wine please, more chilli – more other nice things :). Maybe it does relieve the tedium of the working week. That’s merely an excuse, I know, because I haven’t always worked! But I do like the excuse that it stops moderation becoming a habit. 

However, I can’t say it’s applicable to gardening, despite me using the same ‘more is best’ method many a time..  

The only deadening effect excess has with gardening is – well – deadening. 


I also have to remember that I overplant these tommy babies, which grow from last year’s scattered seeds too, and never in the place I have planned for them – growing through concrete and on the edge of paths or in cracks in the paving.  Last summer we had a glut of tomatoes for months, right through til April – romas and cherrys and little round tomatoes (the bigger ones weren’t as successful, not ripening in time, but that was okay as we blended them green with the others and put in them in snap lock bags for the freezer). I don’t generally read the labels about how far apart to plant them and nor do I listen to beaker303 when he asks whether I think I’ve planted enough. More, more, more.  

Sometimes they are overcrowded, and sprout up in places I didn’t expect them to be, and we have more than we can handle at the time. We give them away, eat them, freeze them. Beaker303 tells me not to plant so much. Yet do I, really?

Half way through winter I used the last snap lock bag full of frozen tomatoes. The last bag of frozen broad beans went straight after that. The last pumpkin from the large store of butternuts, golden nuggets and queeensland blues was roasted for their succulent orange flesh.  We were sadly left on a diet of silverbeet, broccoli, onions and herbs, trying desperately to eat seasonally and not rely on supermarket – I had to stoop to buying sweet potatoes when I scanned a quarter pumpkin at the supermarket for 7 bucks. 

I may be excessive, but there are some times when that may just pay off. Now where’s that third glass of wine? I have broad beans to shell by the bucket load. 



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