Woke up in the morning got a yearning for ‘erb

So. Beaker303 can’t eat vinegar… there goes most store bought dips. No cheese. WTF does he put in sanga for work? I’m trying an oregano pesto with fresh garlic, pepitas, olive oil, parsley, lemon, salt, pepper, and maybe a bit of ricotta… the only cheese he can eat. I figure it will double as a pasta sauce, dip and salad dressing too.



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  1. veggie mama says:

    You made it in a pestle + mortar? You are the bomb!


    1. kylbeebee says:

      Thanks! It’s better than the blender, and i dont have a kitchen wiz thing…and i thought basil / herbs prefer a crush to a metal blade? Cheers…

      Actually I love the pestle and mortar, it’s really earthy and old school and ritualistic, which is part of cooking for me!

      But you just made me feel kinda cool…. 😉


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